Schick Hydro Men’s Razor Blade Refill 12ct

Customize for your skin. The unique Sensitive gel formula, with herbal extracts, comforts your skin. It has 5 ultra-glide blades, with skin guards, that protects you from irritation.

  • Our unique Sensitive gel formula, with Herbal Extracts, comforts skin
  • The 7 Gel Pools* are designed to provide instant lubricating protection, featuring a lubricant surface area increase of 80% *Average vs Quattro Titanium lube strip
  • 5 ultra-glide blades with skin guards protects you from irritation
  • Flip Trimmer for Hard-to-Reach Areas – Conveniently switch between shaving larger surfaces with all 5 blades, and precision trimming with single edging blade, all with a simple flip of the thumb
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