Lil’ Rider Wiggle Car – Assorted Colors

Was $80 $43

Looking for a toy that will delight, fascinate, and invigorate for years to come? The Lil’ Rider Wiggle Car is a mechanical marvel that makes use of that most inexhaustible of energy sources: kid power! It harnesses the natural forces of inertia, centrifugal force, gravity, and friction. It’s so easy to operate; all it needs is a driver and a smooth, flat surface. It doesn’t require an expensive power source that needs constant replacement. No batteries, no power-cells, no liquid fuel—just the occasional cookie or two. It’s quiet, as well; the only sound you’ll hear is the sound of its wheels and squeals of delight.

  • Crafted from high-quality plastics
  • Provides plenty of exercise
  • Engineered to be absolutely safe when used appropriately
  •  Rugged and durable
  • Extra decals included
  • Easy to operate: no pedals, no gears, no batteries required
  • For ages 24 months – 6 years

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