Touchfire Case and Keyboard for iPad 2, 3, 4 mini and Air

EXPIREDClick ‘Get It @ Touchfire’ and watch the video.  We can’t do this product justice like this video.

Introducing Touchfire for the iPad 2, 3 and 4, min and Air. It’s packed with innovative features that are just not available anywhere else. Touchfire fits your iPad like a glove. We use a wonderfully protective, grippy material on the outside of the case that keeps your iPad from slipping out of your hand or sliding on a table. It feels smooth if you touch it lightly, but a little pressure causes the tiny hexagons to lock in and grip. The inside is made of a shock-absorbent engineering plastic. There’s also a protective rim around the screen, and a magnetic tab that keeps the cover closed. The result is an extremely protective case that is still ultra-sleek and slim. A magnet system in the case enables all sorts of viewing and typing positions that allow you to use your iPad sitting up, lying down, on the smallest airplane tray – you name it! These magnets also allow you to mount you to mount your iPad on a metal surface like a refrigerator or a metal-backed white board. connecting to magnets in the back of the case. The case contains a Sound Booster that focuses the speaker output to the front of the iPad, boosting volume by 50%. Touchfire also includes a patented keyboard that attaches magnetically to your iPad and adds 3-D keys on top of your iPad’s on-screen keyboard. It’s completely transparent, so you can see the iPad’s keys underneath, and it adds just the right amount of cushioning and spring-back so you can now type on your iPad like you would on a regular keyboard. Touchfire doesn’t use any batteries for the keyboard or the sound booster; no running out of power or having to deal with Bluetooth connections. Touchfire is simply the ultimate iPad accessory!

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