Portable Handheld USB Air Conditioner

The portable Cooler is a mini air-conditioning fan.It delivers continuous evaporated cool air flow to keep you cool anytime under the sun or at home.Portable Cooler takes evaporative cooling technology a step forward by engineering big cumbersome swamp cooler’s into a lightweight mobile device.Designed to be used on the go,Portable Cooler runs on batteries(or USB)for true potability and versatility.

  • 90 Degree rotatable turbine wheel allows you control the direction of the cool blast.
  • Runs on 4x batteries(not included) or USB power compatible (USB included).
  • Variable speed allows full control over output. The perfect desk fan for the office.
  • Portable Cooler is a mini air-conditioning fan.

This deal is expected to expire at 10:14pm on Monday February 29th, 2016.

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