Bocce Ball Set with Carrying Bag (9-Piece)

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Bocce Ball Set with Carrying Bag (9-Piece)

Leisurely Game of Strategy

Enjoy nice weather and the company of friends by heading outdoors for a game of bocce ball. With relatively simple rules and an uncomplicated setup, the game lends itself to a carefree attitude and a leisurely playing style. Nonetheless, competitive personalities can strategize and employ as much skill as they want, playing offensively or defensively with the goal of a win.

How It Works

The game starts off with two teams of 1–4 players each. On either a bocce court or similarly flat surface, one team tosses the white pallino, a.k.a. the jack, into play. Both teams then bowl all of their bocce balls with the goal to land as close as possible to the pallino. In each round, only the team whose bocce ball ends up nearest to the pallino will collect its points.

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