SodaStream Genesis Home Soda Maker Starter Kit (3-PC)

Comes with Genesis soda-maker unit, 4oz CO2 carbonator with a mail-in rebate to exchange it for a full 60L carbonator and 1L reusable carbonating bottle

What makes product simply genius? A beautiful design. Simplicity. Convenience. And the fact that every time you use it, you are making the planet a cleaner place to live. Enjoy the freedom of making your own sparkling drinks in just seconds, with the SodaStream Jet home soda maker. Powered by a reusable CO2 carbonator, the refined mechanics of the SodaStream Jet make it easy to quickly transform water into perfectly customized sparkling drinks. No more lugging. No more storing. No more plastic waste.

It may come as a surprise that the SodaStream soda makers do not need any batteries or electricity to operate. They are powered solely by the compressed gas carbonator that comes in the starter kit. A starter carbonator will prepare 6L of soda enough to start you off with the system.

To get started, remove the cap from the CO2 carbonator that came with your soda maker. Open the back of the Jet home soda maker by removing the cover. Fit the carbonator into the gasket at the top of the carbonator housing, and tighten as you would a light bulb in a socket. Turn only until hand-tight; no tools are necessary. Click the back cover panel into its original closed position. Turn Water Into Soda in Seconds: 1. FILL CARBONATING BOTTLE WITH TAP WATER Fill water to the line indicated by the iconic facet and wave design. 2. FIZZ AS YOU LIKE Simply press down firmly on the carbonating button and watch in amazement as CO2 whooshes into the water…

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This deal is expected to expire at 11:59pm on Sunday May 22nd, 2016.

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