Braun 530s-4 Series 5 Mens Electric Shaver

Was $180 $69.99

A lot of women like men with facial hair, and a lot like cute forest animals, but it’s a mistake to try to win both groups over by letting squirrels live in your beard. Shaving off your beard makes you immediately more presentable while also robbing birds of an impromptu nesting place when you take afternoon naps in the park. The Braun 530s-4 Series 5 Shaver helps you strike the perfect balance between rugged and groomed, helping you look razor sharp. The Braun 530s-4 Series 5 Shaver offers an excellent shave in problem areas and features the patented ActiveLift™ middle trimmer that oscillates to lift and cut flat-lying hair for a perfect shaving, even in the problem areas. It also has the unique OptiFoil with ergonomically sized holes that cuts hair deeper then ever before, for a perfect closeness that lasts longer. and the contour adaptive shaving head that perfectly adapts around the jaws and under the chin.

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This deal is expected to expire at 11:59pm on Saturday April 30th, 2016.

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