Barbie My Fab Electric Popcorn Machine

Put the finishing touch to a movie night in or a party with your friends with this cool Barbie Popcorn Maker! Give youngsters a special treat with this Barbie-themed popcorn maker that serves up a tasty snack in style. Make preparing this snack so easy that it will become routine during family movie night. Measure the perfect amount for a full batch by using the included measuring cup. This cup does double duty as it also holds butter. Add your desired amount of softened butter, place the cup in the holder on the popper chute and butter will be melted and ready for your popcorn. As the popcorn pops, hot air melts the butter and you can pour it on the freshly popped kernels.

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This deal is expected to expire at 11:59pm on Monday July 18th, 2016.

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