Electric Professional Grade Food Dehydrator

Dehydrator – Quick Dry Food Dehydrator with Four Trays by Good Cooking: Now you can create healthy snacks at home with 100% natural ingredients for a fraction of what grocery store dried snacks cost. This dehydrator is easy to use. Just slice, dry, and store. Four tries allow you to make big batches or a variety of foods at the same time. They also nest to reduce the dehydrator height by 1/3 for easy storage. The adjustable time and temperature settings allow you to choose the perfect dry time for the kind of food you select. The curved base design allows for easier air flow, which means your food will dry two to three times faster. The turbo fan circulates hot air, producing evenly dried food.

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This deal is expected to expire at 2:00am on Friday August 12th, 2016.

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