Parrot Drones

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The future is going to be all about drones. Big drones will replace interstate trucking. Small drones will replace bike messengers. 1. The Ultimate Wi-Fi Controlled Quadricopter: With the ‘Power Edition’, fans of AR. Drone 2.0 can take advantage of the new high density Lithium-Polymer battery which increases the battery life of the quadricopter from 12 to 18 minutes! The Power Edition includes 2 HD batteries for up to 36 minutes of flight. 2. Jumping Sumo, More than a drone – a connected robot: Quick, sturdy and agile, the Jumping Sumo transforms your environment into a giant playground. With it, everything becomes an excuse for stories and adventures. Chases, slaloms, acrobatics, obstacle jumps, photos or videos – you’ve got plenty of choices! What’s more, with its on-board camera, you can follow it as if you were there. Experience the amazing sensations in real time!

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