8 Pack LED Light Bulbs Dimmable 40W Equiv Soft White A19

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This 8-Pack of Soft White (3000K) A19 illumin8 LED bulbs carries one of the best warranties available. Unlike many other bulbs that promise years of use, they are covered for the entire life-time of the product! The most common uses for the Illumin8 A19 LED Light Bulbs are general lighting fixtures and lamps. These energy-saving LED lamps offer a true replacement for incandescent and CFL light bulbs. Producing the light output of a 40-Watt Incandescent A19, these LED bulbs provide an 80% energy savings over traditional bulbs. This saves you money and reduces your electrical bill. With a rated life of 25,000 hours, they last up to 25x longer than traditional incandescent lamps. They are also compatible with most dimmer switches, so you can tailor the brightness to your preference. You could save $6.02 every year (per bulb) by using these energy-saving light bulbs in place of traditional incandescent 60-watt bulbs. That is a lifetime power-cost savings of $137 per bulb! (Savings based on three hours of use per day, 365 days a year, $0.11 per KWH.)

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