Sole SR400 Rowing Machine

We’d all like to have a luxury yacht so we could set sail at a moment’s notice. But unless you’ve got a few extra million sitting around in your bank account, that’s not going to happen. This rowing machine will give you the authentic boating experience, right in the comfort of your own basement and for a lot less cash.

Make getting into shape much more enjoyable with the Sole SR400 rower, featuring an ultra smooth air and magnetic resistance motion to create a realistic ‘on the water’ sensation. This quality constructed machine includes a long aluminum rail that’s accommodating to multiple users of varying heights. The folding design, and wheels upfront also make this rower easy to move and store, allowing users flexibility for it’s use.

Designed for comfort, convenience and reliability, this rower also features a new advanced way of adjusting resistance during the workout. Powered by wireless technology, the SR400 includes resistance adjustments in the rower handlebar. This gives users the distinct advantage of maintaining workout intensity, while simultaneously adjusting the resistance, without letting go of the handlebar. This is new technology only found on the Sole SR400.

Compare on Amazon at $699.99!

This deal is expected to expire at 3:00am on Tuesday January 3rd, 2017.

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