Sands Free 5 x 7 Beach Mat- 3 Colors

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he Sand Free Beach Mat is constructed with a dual-layer, patented weave that creates a one way sift. It acts as a one way filter sending sand and dirt on its surface falling through to the ground beneath and ensures the ground directly underneath the mat can not penetrate the top surface. Originally designed for the US military to prevent sand and dirt from flying when helicopters take off and land. Features:Developed for military use, this is the beach mat that is impossible to cover with sand.The specially woven polyurethane acts as a one-way filter to prevent sand from reemerging through the bottom of the mat.The rip-stop polyurethane construction resists abrasions from outdoor furniture or pets.Mat doesn’t absorb moisture, preventing mold and mildew.Product dimensions: 5′ × 7′.

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