LG W270 Smartwatch – Titanium / Black

Upgrade the way you work out and get on track to living a healthier, stylish lifestyle with the LG W270 Smartwatch. Its lightweight, water-resistant, stylish design ensures that you can wear the LG W270 Smartwatch comfortably during workouts and nights on the town. The tough Gorilla Glass 3 display is especially resistant to scratches, knocks, and bumps. The Fitness app gives you a simple snapshot of your daily activity and movement. The LG W270 Smartwatch also features a stylish, genuine Italian leather strap, stainless steel case, easy Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, and integrated Google Now functionality. Best off all, the LG W270 Smartwatch does has this while still delivering important notifications from your phone directly to your wrist, like text messages, phone calls, calendar reminders, and social media alerts.

Includes free shipping!

This deal is expected to expire at 11:59pm on Saturday December 9th, 2017.

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