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About Maxwells Attic

The Attic finds those special deals on interesting and hard to find products, some are cute, some are quirky, but all are great deals for products you need and want in your life. Our featured product of the day will be something special, with special daily pricing but of course, once it is gone, it is gone and we are on to the next product. Everyday, at 3PM EST the daily deal changes, so check back here, Facebook, Twitter or check your emails for today’s deal.

Maxwells Attic doesn’t just sell one product everyday, Maxwell puts out Sidewalk Sales from all different categories, be it M&Ms, Tools, or Coffee Makers, we are constantly digging through the attic for great finds for you.

Our History

Maxwell’s Attic is brought to you by the guys who brought you Yugster, back in the day. That was long before Groupon, President Obama and the Fiscal Cliff, before you sent your first Tweet and when you could still get a Twinkie at any gas station. Here we are, at it again and ready to find interesting products for you.

Maxwells Attic is owned by Rysen Media, Inc. and is located at 315 Main Street, Huntington, NY 11743.

Partner With Maxwells Attic

Product Suppliers:
Do you have products to sell? Interested in offering your goods to our growing and loyal customer database? Home Decor, Electronics, Jewelry, Clothing, our customers are hungry for great deals. Whether you are offering front line products or have excess inventory you need to liquidate, contact us and see what we have to offer.

We are able to accommodate dropshipping, inventory acquisition, importing and targeted private deals too our loyal customer base. Contact us at suppliers (a) maxwells attic dot com or call  631-284-6475.

Marketing Companies:
Maxwells Attic is run by a group of experienced internet marketers. We seek to grow our customer base and continue to seek partners to assist in that growth. We maintain both internal and external partner programs and work extensively in lead generation in order to meet our goals. Contact us at partners (a) maxwells attic dot com or call 631-284-6475.   

For more information regarding marketing opportunities and our affiliate program, go to Business Development.


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