Grannys Giant Blueberry Plants (4-Pack)

Grannys Giant Blueberry Plants by Gardening4Less

Grannys Giant Blueberry Plants by Gardening4Less.Grow big, delicious, giant blueberries right in your own backyard. Whether you like making pancakes, pies or just love blueberries. These healthy treats are sure to make a perfect addition to any kitchen and garden. Each set includes either two patriot blueberry plants and two bluejay blueberry bare root plants, or four patriot blueberry plants and four bluejay blueberry bare root plants. Shipped as a bare root plant these blueberry plants arrive ready to be planted. Just put them in a 4” pot or directly into your garden. These strands; grown here in the United States, produce some of the biggest blueberries in the world. Perfect for zones 3-8 and growing 4-5 feet high they should be harvested in the summer and require full to partial sun. One of the juiciest, and sweetest blueberries you have ever tasted. Each plant produces up to 4 pints of juicy blueberries each day! Plants grow in both the sun and shade, perfect for backyard or apartment. As much as 16,000 sweet as sugar giant blueberries grow from a single plant.

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