Maud’s Gourmet Coffee Pods French Roast , 200ct

Maud's Gourmet

This single-serve, french roast blend ombines this mission with our passion for creating fun flavors that you’ll count on for your next coffee fix. Maud’s Gourmet Coffee Pods, French Roast From The Coast. Quality in your coffee cup runs in the family with this batch-roasted, 5th Generation Roastmaster. We’ve taken the 100% all Natural Arabica Coffee you love and sealed it into 200 of our recyclable pods that are full of exquisite flavors. Secret Sauce for Yummy Coffee Flavors. Our French Roast From The Coast is a bold and flavor french roast blend. With its burnt undertones and incredibly bold flavor, this coffee will give you the boost you need in the mornings.

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