EC Technology 12000 mAh External Battery with 3 USB Outports


With the AUTO IC technology, your device is recognized and supplied power at their rate, automatically and intellgently. This external battery can charge almost all 5V devices quickly. And the AUTO IC is compatible with all Android, iOS and other systems with charging speed at up to 3.9A. The 3rd Gen Battery is equipped with 3 USB ports, you can charge three devices at the same time fast, up to 3.9A. And the battery is manufactured with capacity 12000mAh. The battery can charge iPhone 6 4.5 times, Samsung Galaxy S6 3 times and iPad Air 2 1 time.  The 3rd Gen Battery has 4 smart LED display and the LED flashlights has three levels: The normal light, bright light and the light with “SOS” function.

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