DOSS Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speakers with Waterproof IPX6

DOSS Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speakers with Waterproof IPX6

With 19 years of innovation, DOSS remains competitive in the audio industry as a professional all over the world. We are a well-established manufacturer who develops the most cutting-edge audio technology as well as owning exclusive tooling. In addition to creating state of the art audio technology, we pride ourselves in ensuring customer experience.
Just like a fox with gorgeous looking and strong in wild, that is the character we want to individualized to DOSS Traveler. Innovation and advanced technology makes you enjoy wireless freedom, even like a fellow accompany and protect you especially in the dark. DOSS Traveler is perfect for a flexible lifestyle where the beauty of the music goes with you.
Never worry about it can play in a long journey, especially for long time outdoor activities. Enjoy twelve continuous hours of music thanks to the 2,200mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The convenience of being able to charge from most USB power sources adds onto its advantages.


Broad Compatibility
Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices that allows you to instantly connect to your smart devices up to 33 feet away. With a supplied audio cable, you can play music from most other players. Using Micro SD to play music or upgrade speaker’ s firmware.

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