Legends of Roblox 6 Figure Pack

Legends of Roblox 6 Figure Pack

Assemble the Legends of Roblox! This set includes six of the greatest Roblox game creators of all time!

  • Litozinnamon: Armed with his Bluster Buster, this StyLiS Studios developer is combat-ready. He helped create Phantom Forces.
  • Gusmanak: An elite developer who designed Apocalypse Rising. He is equipped with the legendary Dominus Aureus.
  • Merely: A famed developer who created Trade Hangout. He owns almost any rare or limited item you can imagine.
  • TheGamer101: When he and his brother aren’t scripting on Roblox, they’re improving their ninja skills in Sword Fighting Tournament.
  • Seranok: Long-time Roblox developer and brother of Merely, his work on Catalog Heaven is widely acclaimed.
  • Loleris: Some say he’s a madman, but he just makes Mad Games. He also built Darkness and Intense Sword Fighting.

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