Summit Treestands Closed Front Climbing Stand

Summit Treestands Closed Front Climbing

For seasoned bow hunters, the opportunity to aim and shoot while remaining seated high up in a tree can mean the difference between an uneventful day on the hunt and a successful encounter with a trophy buck. Make sure you’re prepared for your next hunting adventure with the Summit Sentry SD Climbing Stand, which makes it easy to climb to your desired height where you can sit up high, relative to the upright arms, and achieve a seated shooting position. With a newly designed flip-up mesh seat and the option to choose from a closed-front or open-front model, this new take on Summit’s popular Viper SD model offers new conveniences alongside long-standing Summit reliability to get you in the best position possible for your next hunt.

  • Dead Metal Technology
  • Quick Draw cable retention system
  • Mesh style seat
  • Closed front
  • Weighs 23 lbs

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