12pcs Bath Bombs Gift Set

12pcs Bath Bombs Gift Set
12pcs Bath Bombs Gift Set
  • A Perfect Gift — The Packaging is environmental friendly and easy to open. Each Bath Bomb is wrapped individually and is an adorable hydrotherapy birthday gift, Holiday gift, Spa/bath Gifts or a Gift just For your special someone
  • Compound Fragrance — The aroma of bath bombs is specially designed for your bath time by professional perfumers. 12 kinds of unique compounds with long lasting and comfortable fragrance give you a fresh feeling every day
  • Natural & Handmade — Combined with natural mineral salts,natural perfume and natural essential oils, the handmade bath bombs nourish and moisturize your skin,Paraben free and cruelty free!
  • Comfortable Scent — When you open the box the wonderful blend of aromatic fragrances will fill your senses. It provides aromatherapy’s many benefits, including reducing stress and anxiety in a form that’s easy and fun to use. (Also fizzy fun for kids!)
  • Fun Bath Experience –They melt quickly and you can relax yourself in the fizzing water. NO sediment and particles staining your tub. The silky water will soothe your skin and give you a Spa-like experience

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