True Grapefruit Sachet Packets, 32 Count

True Grapefruit Sachet Packets, 32 Count

Real Flavor from Real Fruit: Enjoy fresh-squeezed Grapefruit taste any time, anywhere!

We love fresh-squeezed Grapefruit taste so much that we wanted to enjoy it wherever we go so we made True Grapefruit. True Grapefruit is the most convenient way to add fresh-squeezed Grapefruit essence to your water, tea or recipes. Each packet equals the essence of 1 Grapefruit wedge and is made with simple ingredients. It’s great for seasoning and recipes that call for Grapefruit juice.

To capture authentic fresh-squeezed taste, we use a proprietary, patented method to lock-in the oils and juices at the peak of flavor. This method allows us to form the perfect balance of flavor and aroma and provide a highly stable (won’t go bad!), unparalleled fresh taste. Keep True Grapefruit on hand so you can always enjoy fresh-squeezed Grapefruit taste! Try True Lemon and True Lime too!

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