Envision Home Kitchen Cleaning Sponge Cloths, 6 Pack

You’ve come across the best dish cloths ever! Our unique design offers the cleaning benefits of microfiber technology with the absorbent foam core of a traditional sponge. You will be wowed with how quickly our cloths cut through grease and food residue to leave dishes squeaky clean. For a sparkling finish, use to dry dishes after washing. A perfect 6.5″ x 7.5″ size, sewn to easily fold, you will find many uses for these cloths in your household cleaning tasks.

  • The cleaning properties of microfiber, with the absorbent qualities of a sponge
  • Great for cleaning dishes, counters, and all household surfaces
  • Cuts through grease and food residue
  • Foam core
  • Contours to your hand
  • 85% polyester, 15% polyamide

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