6-Piece Set: Whiskey Decanter with Glasses Tray


Whiskey. Suits. Cigars. Whiskey. Leather and mahogany on every surface. Hors d’oeuvres. Whiskey. These are all the classic accoutrements of the true gentleman (or woman)–especially whiskey. But serving your finest scotch, bourbon, or Irish whiskey is a fool’s errand if you can’t serve it in style. This decanter makes an excellent home for your potent potables and looks far classier than the original bottle your booze came in. And these glasses and tray are perfect for entertaining guests, Mad Men style. So enjoy your flair for the classic. Order this brilliant whiskey set and toast to your own good taste.

  • Includes a 32oz. whiskey decanter, 4 old-fashioned whiskey glasses, and 1 tray
  • Made from from fine crystal material
  • Tray made of polypropylene
  • Whiskey glasses have 7oz capacity