SOLD OUT – Plugster’s Gold Edition Junk Box – Limited Quantity – Best Junk Box Ever

plugsters junk box

This is sure to be one of the best Gold Boxes ever, with two different versions of the Junk Box available! The two versions have completely different junk inside! Select Gold Box #1 or #2 from the drop down after clicking the GRAB IT button, or GRAB one of each if you can’t decide!

This Gold Junk Box is not for those with slow impulses because this box will sell out faster than free bars of gold. For those gold diggers who manage to GRAB this box, they’re in for a junk box banquet, because with bigger and junkier junk than ever before, you’ll think you’ve struck gold!

New to Plugster’s Junk Box? Well then you’re in for a suprise! In our regular Plugster’s Junk Box version, we’ve had Dozens of iPads, $100 dollar bills, Beats by Dr. Dre, gift cards and other random “junk” that has shown up out of the blue at customers’ doorsteps. Last year, a customer received a whole pallet of junk worth over $1,500! You never know what will show up at your door! Just make sure you have a spot cleared out in your garage should you find yourself with a few dozen boxes of headphones or LED flashlights. This is the Gold Edition, at a slightly higher price that indicates the level of junk you’ll find inside.