Brilliant Evolution Wireless Motion Sensor LED Light


The Brilliant Evolution Wireless Motion Sensor LED Ceiling Light is super bright at 200-Lumen. The LEDs are 4000K. Perfect for closets, showers, entryways, garages and sheds. The light will illuminate a 17 ft. x 17 ft. area. The motion sensor automatically turns the light ON. The light turns OFF after 30-seconds of no motion. Activates only during darkness to conserve battery life. Detects motion up to 20 ft. away. Install the light in minutes with screws (included). 3 C batteries (not included) will power the light for 1 year based on 6-9 activations per day. The water tight seals make this light perfect for showers and outside entryways. Made from a UV resistant material for long lasting performance. Measures 5.25 in. W x 5.25 in. D x 2.25 in. H.

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