Greenlee Wire Stripper, Cutter and Crimper Curve

Greenlee Stainless Wire Stripper, Cutter and Crimper Curve

Multi-functional, professional grade stainless steel wire strippers. Greenlee 1955-SS wire strippers are rust resistant with cutlery grade stainless steel to prevent wear and corrosion. Pliers grab, form and bend wires. Precision ground strippers are engineered for clean, easy insulation removal. Bolt shears thread and shear common bolts cleanly. Non-obstructive lock mechanism and comfort grips are double molded, lightweight and easy to grab. Multiple functions include plier nose, strippers, cutter, looping holes, crimper, bolt-thread/shear and spring back with low profile lock. High grade knives resist chipping and marring. Looping holes and serrated nose for bending, pulling and shaping wires. Long life spring and low profile lock for quick, repetitive stripping and cutting. Vinyl cushion grip resists slipping and has an ergonomic fit.

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