McCormick Everyday Essentials Variety Pack of 8


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Raise your spice cabinet game with the McCormick Everyday Essentials Variety Pack. Conveniently bundled for the savvy home cook, Ground Cinnamon, Chili Powder, Ground Cumin, Paprika, Ground Cayenne Red Pepper, Ground Turmeric, Ground Ginger and Curry Powder are ready to liven up your pantry. It’s the perfect starter kit for a new kitchen or addition to a collection that just needs a refresh. As your cooking repertoire expands, so should your spice collection — with this set, you’re covered from sweet to savory to spicy. Blend up some Golden Milk and other morning juices using turmeric and ginger. Make flavorful curries and lentil stews. Stir in chili powder and cayenne for spicy chili. This expansive boxed set makes a perfect housewarming gift for newlyweds or for a recent college.