Genetic Testing Kit: Best Deals on Amazon


A genetic testing kit, also known as a DNA testing kit, is a modern way to know more about your genetics and ancestry. In the past, only a medical geneticist can carry out the test. Apart from the professional’s expertise, people who want to have their heritage checked also use bulky equipment that costs too much.

Thanks to modern technology, you can now satisfy your desire to know your identity in depth using genetic testing kits. Using these handy advanced tools, you can know where your ancestry originated and who your past and present kin are. Some brands can also give you an idea of which genetic disorders, like Alzheimer’s disease or lung cancer, will likely occur during your lifetime.

While you can find several brands of DNA testing kits on Amazon, here are amazing Amazon deals you should never miss.

1. 23andMe

This easy-to-use at-home kit allows you to know your ancestry by merely registering and providing a saliva sample without the need for membership. At $99, you can get personalized ancestry reports based on your DNA in only about 6-8 weeks.

With more than 1,000 geographic regions, this kit offers the most comprehensive genetic ancestry breakdown you can have on the market.

2. MyHeritage

For just $69, this is perhaps the best budget deal on Amazon. With this simple DNA test kit that requires a cheek swab, the procedure takes only around 2 minutes to complete. You can also get a detailed ethnicity breakdown from 42 regions, which include 7 East Asian areas.

3. TellMeGen

TellMeGen is a complete health and ancestry DNA test kit. For $169, you have a handy kit that gives you information on your predisposition to baldness, gaining muscle, obesity, and even tolerance to alcohol. This state-of-the-art kit is also updated automatically at no extra cost. By purchasing this product, you can also get access to the brand’s genetic, medical, and nutritional forum, where you can consult healthcare experts for free.

4. AncestryDNA

For $99, AncestryDNA enables you to trace your roots back to more than 500 global regions. Its latest DNA experience provides you with in-depth historical insights, more precise geographic detail, and many other features. This tool not only shows you which countries you’re from, but it can also determine the specific regions within them.

Buyer Tips

Knowing how to snag the best deals can give you a chance to acquire these products at lower prices. Here are some ways to make the most of your shopping on Amazon.

1. Check Today’s Deals

You can find Amazon’s best deals for new and featured products in the “Today’s Deals” tab located at the top of any Amazon page. The section contains a Deal of the Day and Lightning Deals that are only up for grabs for hours or minutes. If you find any of the kits listed above, click the link at once to make that purchase.

2. Join the Waitlist

Prices of some products, especially those related to tech, drop considerably during specific events like Black Friday and Christmas holidays. To make sure you get informed of the price cuts during these seasons, sign up to wait-lists. This way, you will receive notifications via email or smartphone messages when the prices of the items on your list drop.

3. Keep Track of the Prices

You can download or install a price-tracking app (Price Tracker for Amazon) or browser extension (Keepa). This software will show the prices of the items you are targeting to purchase. These tools will help you compare prices on Amazon and the actual retail price of the item through retail shops.

With these tips, you can buy the genetic testing kit at the cheapest amount. Who knows, you may just snag a deal that will allow you to trace your lineage or find out your genetic diseases.