Power Perch: Best Deals on Amazon


A power perch has been one of the most useful things when it comes to house or shop organization. It is like a small portable shelf on top of your wall socket where you can place things like your mobile devices or even other stuff, like your electric shaver or your mini Bluetooth speakers.

The value of a product like this is immeasurable, but you certainly won’t want to overpay for it. In fact, you’ll probably want to see if you can’t just find a deal out there.

In this article, we will be providing you with our highly recommended selections of power perches that are on sale on Amazon. Read on to learn more about them and the deals associated with them.

Power Perch: Best Deals on Amazon
Image Source: StorageTheory

Fabal Industries Storage Theory Power Perch

Price: USD $5.59

The Fabal Industries Storage Theory Power Perch has both quality and stability for a very affordable price per piece. Manufactured by Fabal, having this installed in your home or office maximizes space, and it’s multifunctional, as you can place all your small and essential items on it. This is also included in our list because it is easy to install and fits a majority of light switches and single outlets. Aside from homes and offices, this is also perfect for small condominiums and even dormitories!

BeraTek Industries Storage Theory Power Perch (White)

Price: USD $9.99

Although a bit pricey compared to the item previously mentioned, the BeraTek Industries Storage Theory Power Perch has a wider structure, giving you more space to add in more stuff, aside from just a single item. If you feel like placing another cellphone or electric razor atop it, you can definitely do so with this neat power perch. This power perch is also ideal for those looking for proper cable management while charging your device on the outlet.

Storage Theory Double Outlet Power Perch

Price: USD $14.99

Do you have double sockets? No problem! There are also Storage Theory Double Outlet Power Perches available to give you additional options and space for those essential needs. It’s perfect for your home or office, as well as for businesses and dormitories! It is built to last, as the product is manufactured with sturdy and high-quality materials, making sure that the things you place on it will not fall from it.

BeraTek Industries Storage Theory Power Perch (Black)

Price: $9.99

BeraTek has produced power perches that are not only ideal for white-colour sockets, but also for black-coloured ones as well. This single socket power perch can fit a majority of vertical, black-coloured sockets and can easily be placed with your black-coloured devices to fit the whole aesthetic. This is one cool thing to have, most especially if you have a black socket in your office cubicle. Definitely worth a buy.

Helpful Tips to Get the Best Amazon Deals

Now that we have given you a list of our recommended items, here are some of our additional tips to help you get the best deals on Amazon.

1. Always Filter Your Search

The more you filter your search results for the best deals on Amazon, the better. Do you want to go deeper? Amazon has advanced search settings that help you filter your search leading you to better product deals.

2. Visit the Deals and Promotions Page

The easiest way for you to find the best deals on Amazon is by checking out the Deals & Promotions page. We recommend that you check this every now and then, as deals on this page really change a lot, and fast.

3. Keep Items in Your Cart

One of the easiest ways to be informed on Amazon deals is by keeping the items you want in your cart. By doing this, you can set notifications so that you are informed of when the price drops or changes.