Mohu Streaming and OTA-Ready HDTV Dongle with RF Keyboard


The Mohu Channels is a cheap, easy TV streaming doodad that you plug into the TV’s HDMI port and connect to your WiFi or Ethernet. It runs on Android and uses Android apps. So right there you can put your Netflix, your Hulu, your Amazon Instant Video, your etc. in that guest room or basement.

  • Streaming TV dongle that runs apps from the Google Play store
  • Also has an HD tuner with an input for an OTA TV antenna (not included): Mohu makes some fancy expensive ones, but any of these antennas will do
  • Lists OTA channels and streaming services together in a nice cable-style interface
  • Add a flash drive (not included) for basic pause/rewind functions
  • Can play video files from a USB drive, or over your home network with the Plex app