BACtrack Go Keychain Breathalyzer

bactrack keychain

The BACtrack Go Keychain Breathalyzer is compact, convenient, and provides blood alcohol content (BAC) results in seconds. A fully functional breath alcohol tester, BACtrack Go is equipped with an Advanced Micro Check alcohol sensor that determines BAC quickly and accurately. To use, simply wait 15 minutes after your last drink, power on, and breathe into its innovative folding mouthpiece. Your results are displayed in seconds-it’s that easy. Everyone will want to test themselves whether you’re at a party, bar, restaurant, or anywhere else alcohol is consumed. Learn how drinking alcohol affects your BAC and drink more responsibly. Cheers to good decisions.

  • Affordable with a take-anywhere small, sturdy design
  • Displays BAC results on an easy-to-read 3-digit LCD display
  • Folding mouthpiece maximizes portability and ease of use
  • Designed in California and created by BACtrack, the #1 Most Trusted Brand of Breathalyzers in North America, with over 13 years of experience in the breathalyzer industry.
  • Stay informed of your BAC and make smarter, more informed decisions