15 inch Magnetic Knife (Or Tool) Holder Storage Strip

knife holder

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Stores knives and other metallic utensils within reach with magnetic attraction; safer for chefs and knives alike Use this magnetic holder in the kitchen, office, laundry room or garage to hold any metal objects. The magnetic storage strip can be affixed to any wall for immediate access, whether over a built-in cutting board or close to the oven.

  • Magnetic knife bar grips securely, yet easily releases knives, kitchen gadgets and tools.
  • A compact, convenient and practical holder. Perfect for kitchen, workshop or garage.
  • The strip also could hold other metallic kitchen utensils, including whisks, spatulas, stirring spoons and ladles.
  • Parents with small children may want to mount the storage strip out of reach of children until they are old enough to practice knife safety.

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