Cobra iRadar ATOM Radar Detector w/ Free App for iOS and Android


The Cobra iRadar ATOM Radar Detector connects to your phone and lets you take advantage of a community that posts accurate alerts for enforcement alerts, traffic, and other threats you may encounter in your travels. The radar connects via Bluetooth and is updateable. The map-centric design lets you view all types of threat locations to see where other drivers have gotten real-time alerts.

  • iRadar app 4.0 updates offers significant enhancements to its mapping features – Rotating map combined with an automatic zoom feature based on vehicle speed shows more of the road ahead.
  • Live Traffic Data Integration shows real-time traffic information directly on the map, allowing you to avoid congested areas – Get Directions lets you enter an address and have iRadar plot the best route to it on the map.
  • Coverage Map View shows where iRadar alerts are concentrated; zoom out also displays isolated alert locations on long stretches of road – iRadar Community includes nearly one million users and generates 40,000 reports per day.
  • Receive AURA speed and red light camera notifications, verified user-reported alerts of upcoming live police locations and other real-time traffic threat data.
  • iRadar app 4.0 includes music control, background alert notifications, and distance countdown to alerts.