Clorox Laundry Pens, 2 Bleach Pens and 2 Stain Fighter Pens

Yugster Bleach Pen

Fight stains on the spot with the portable Clorox Bleach Pen and Clorox 2 Laundry Stain Fighter Pen for Colors. The Clorox Bleach Pen is designed to remove stains on white fabrics . It is also a highly effective tool for cleaning tile and grout and eliminating mold and mildew stains in the bathroom and kitchen. The Clorox 2 Laundry Stain Fighter Pen for Colors allows you to treat tough stains on colored fabrics. Use it to pretreat dirt, grass, red sauce, red wine and other tough stains. Both pens feature a dual-tipped applicator with a fine point for precision application and a broad scrubber tip to scrub gel into tough stains. The pens have screw on caps on both tips, so they are easy to store and won’t leak. The multi pack allows you to keep pens throughout the house so they are accessible where and when you need them. Conveniently stash a pen in your kitchen, laundry room or bathroom. Perfect for stain removal and surface spot cleaning, Clorox Laundry Pens are easy and convenient to use. Simply apply the stain removal gel, rub stain and rinse or wipe clean. Clorox Laundry Pens when used as directed are the ultimate for your laundry stain removal needs or for cleaning most household surfaces.
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