12 High Quality Space Saver Travel Roll-Up Storage Bags, No Vacuum Needed

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HIGH QUALITY: Our Space saver bags are high quality and great for long term storage and minimizing space for travel
WON’T LEAK: We paid special care to manufacture the highest quality zipper (Double Zipper) to make sure our bags NEVER leak and ensure a secure seal for optimal compression every time. Our Space saver bags are thin and ultra lightweight, but still offer Extreme Strength and Durability.
DIFFERENT SIZES:12 pack includes 3 different Space saver bags sizes for all you Travel and storage needs 4 Small (20″ X 14″ ) 4 Medium (24”x 16”) and 4 Large (28” x 20”), No Vacuum required for any of the bags
SAVE SPACE: Ecogreen Storage compression bags remove excess air from your garments by hand-rolling air out through a one-way pressure valve providing up to 3X more packing space. NO vacuum required – Just PACK, ZIP and ROLL. Increase storage space in your suitcase, luggage or closet.
ODOUR FREE: Doesn’t matter if you store your Sealed Space saver bags in a basement for long term storage or next to stinky gym clothes when traveling, Vacuum seal insures no odour ever leaks in and clothes stay fresh and clean and ready to use instantly!

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