Outdoor Nation Chimney Charcoal Starter with Wooden Handle


Barbecue like a pro with this great charcoal chimney starter from Outdoor Nation. Never worry about your coals not being hot enough again with this easy to use and effective charcoal starter. An environmentally friendly way to start charcoal briquettes, this chimney will heat up to five pounds of charcoal. Crumpled newspaper, charcoal and a light are all you need for the best all-natural barbeque. It features a durable and maintenance-free zinc construction, which means it will last you a long time, and the hook on handle allows for convenient and easy storage.

  • Eliminates fuel taste and odor from your food
  • Light charcoal without chemicals. Use newspaper to light charcoal instead of fluid. Never use lighter fluid again. Lights coals fast.
  • Wooden handle. H/D aluminized steel. Eco-friendly design. Durable construction for long lasting use.
  • Environmentally safe, Safety heat shield to keep the handle cool and won’t burn your hand
  • Eliminates the need for handling messy briquettes. For outdoor use only.
  • 5lb capacity