Filtrete Water Filtration Station with 4 Water Bottles


The Filtrete 4-Bottle Water Station filters your tap water directly into 16.9 oz bottles while reducing chlorine taste, odor, and sediment. Each system features 4 bottles and a Filtrete Fast Flow filter that works efficiently for up to 100 gallons.

Now you can conveniently enjoy the convenience of bottled water without the cost or waste associated with store-bought water – GRAB yours today!


  • Filters from tap, directly into 4 reusable bottles in seconds
  • BPA free bottles
  • Leak-proof caps
  • 3-month filter change indicator
  • 100 gallon filter life
  • Reduces sediment and chlorine taste and odor
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Saves up to 3,000 bottles of water per year