3 Pack Plumbers Hero Kit Clears Sink Drain Clogs Instantly

plumber magic
It’s Like Having Your Own Plumber in a Can!
Just Press to Unclog ANY Mess!

Got a tough, clogged drain? Plumber’s Hero will take care of it in seconds – no need to call an expensive plumber or rooter service. Simply place Plumber’s Hero over the drain opening and press down. Plumber’s Hero blasts through the mess instantly. Works with sinks, showers, tubs and toilets. Plumber’s Hero’s custom rubber-seal adapters (included) create a perfect fit for virtually any drain. And the convenient extension handle makes it easy to clear a toilet drain while keeping your hands clean and dry. Plumber’s Hero even works through your garbage disposal to eliminate tough kitchen sink clogs and keep your sink draining smoothly. Leaves behind a fresh orange scent.