4 Piece BBQ Set – 3 Stainless Steel Utensils and LED Wireless Grill Light


You’ll be King (or Queen) of the grill with this 4 Piece BBQ Set of 3 Stainless Steel Utensils and 10 LED Grill Light by Yard Play.

The Yard Play 3-Piece BBQ Utensils Grill Set is a chef-tested collection of grill tools that will make you the master of any outdoor BBQ! Constructed from beautiful stainless steel, these handy tools are built to tackle the biggest and best meals you can imagine, all rear round!

The set includes a set of tongs with a serrated grasping edge; a spatula with dual serrated sides and a built in bottle opener; and a heavy grill fork. All three tools feature long handles to keep you cool over a hot grill!

The BBQ Grill Light By Yard Play is a versatile task light that offers around-the-clock illumination using ten super-bright LED lights. These LEDs provide focused light and never need to be replaced! The Yard Play Grill Light has a secure clamp that easily attaches to a variety of surfaces, making it an ideal light source for BBQs, hobby tables, map reading, and a variety of other tasks where a hands-free source of light is needed. Also, its heavy duty metal goose-neck offers adjustability and stability no matter what you’re using it for.