61 Key Electronic Music Electric Keyboard Piano

Electric Keyboard Piano

Great for beginner/intermediate level musicians. Operates with UL-approved adapter (included) or 6 D batteries. Includes dual teaching modes with 8 demonstration songs. Single & fingered chords/auto-bass. Easy recording & playback.

  • Dual internal speakers produce flawless stereo sound
  • Stereo outputs for headphone or external speaker use and a microphone input
  • Features 20 Timbres: piano, banjo, bell, guitar, violin, trumpet, organ, tuba, oboe, flute, harp, xylophone, music-box, e-guitar, strings, saxophone, accordion, horn, clarinet, & mandolin
  • Features 20 Rhythms: disco, 8-beat, rock & roll, rhumba, tango, march, country, bossanova, waltz, cha-cha, pops, 16-beat, slow rock, samba, swing, polka, mambo, salsa, twist & bluegrass
  • Features 8 Percussions: bass-drum, side-drum, closed hi-hat, open hi-hat, low-tom, high-tom, woodblock & slap
  • Includes 6 foot US-standard 120 volt power cord and instruction manual