High-Powered 12-Volt Wet/Dry Auto Vacuum

12volt Vacuum

Recommended for car upholstery and carpet, this portable vacuum packs a lot of suction power- despite its small size. Clean your seats like new; eliminate dust, dander, pet air, and any other unwanted debris in a snap.

This vacuum is great for everyone; from pet owners, to parents with toddlers, to teenagers. Messes can’t always be avoided, have a reliable car vacuum ready to use. Spare yourself those extra trips to the car wash to use their vacuum, and save a buck or two while you’re at it. Vacuum also includes a crevice and brush tool to provide everything you need to keep your car looking great. Can also be used to clean stairs and other small or hard-to-reach places. No need to change another vacuum bag since it comes with a washable filter. Take advantage of the convenient, low profile design of this high-powered and sturdy little vacuum. Order today.

Vacuum comes in red or blue. Color chosen randomly.