Sharper Image 7-in-1 Electric Can Opener


The Sharper Image 7 In 1 Can Opener- quality you can only expect with The Sharper Image name. The Sharper Image Electric Can Opener is a stylish addition to your kitchen, it makes opening cans simple and effortless. The Sharper Image Can Opener features one touch lever for hands free operation. Once the job is done, the unit’s magnetic lid safely removes the lid from the can and the opener will automatically stop. This appliance accommodates a variety of can sizes from small like tuna to larger like soup and vegetable cans. it is sturdy and durable, yet sleek. The Sharper Image(r) Can Opener comes equipped with a built-in electric knife sharpener. Also includes 2 seperate multi-functional tools: one for opening two types of bottles, blister packs and lifting soda tabs, the other one- for opening jars. Offers retractable hideaway cord storage for a neat appearance.