Jabra Revo Corded Headset w/3-Button Microphone

jabra headphones

Enjoy clean and dynamic sound with the Jabra Revo Corded Headphones. The Jabra Revos comes with an inline remote control and mic for Android and iOS mobile devices, and is detachable from either the left or right ear. The inline remote control and microphone allow you to take and reject incoming calls from you compatible Android or iOS device. For added convenience, the cable is also cloth-covered, which makes it tangle-resistant. Padded earpads provides a comfortable feel for extended listening while passively keeping exterior noises out. In conjunction with the free downloadable Jabra sound app, users are able to configure their sound with Dolby Digital processing and custom user EQ. For excellent sound reproduction with added durability, the Jabra Revo Corded Headphones seals the deal. Refurbished.

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