Wolfgang Puck Bistro Elite 10-Piece Nonstick Cutlery Set

Tanga Cutlery Set

Simplify, simplify, simplify. Lose the confusion in the kitchen with these thoughtfully color-coded knives and coordinating sheaths. With a knife for every task, delegating chopping and other prepwork will be simpler than ever. Now everyone will know which knife you mean — the red one! — when you ask them to cut the potatoes. And cross-contamination will be a thing of the past as you lay the chicken knife in the sink and reach for the right one to slice the bread. What You Get: 8″ Chef’s Knife with Sheath (Red),8″ Bread Knife with sheath (Black)
6″ Nakiri Knife with Sheath (Green),,5″ Santoku Knife with Sheath (Orange),3.5″ Pairing Knife with Sheath (Blue)

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