Apple MacBook w/13.3″ Display, Intel Core 2 Duo & 250GB HD

Yugster Macbook

The 13.3″ MacBook Notebook Computer from Apple is a compact and lightweight laptop housed in a durable polycarbonate unibody enclosure. Boasting a white color scheme, the notebook features ergonomic enhancements as contoured corners and a non-slip bottom surface. The system’s 13.3″ LED-backlit LCD display produces crisp and brilliant images. It features a glossy finish for enhanced color saturation, and a native resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels — giving you plenty of screen real estate for multitasking. The computer’s built-in iSight webcam rests snugly above the display, allowing you to participate in web chats without the need of a clunky external webcam. An advanced integrated battery allows you to use the computer for up to 7 hours between charges. When the computer is plugged into the wall, it’s via a power adapter with a MagSafe connector. MagSafe technology connects the power adapter to the computer via a magnetic bond. The MagSafe connector will harmlessly separate from the computer if you trip over the cord, helping to prevent damage. The system features a comfortable chiclet-style keyboard, which will be immediately familiar to anyone who has used a MacBook before. The MacBook now boasts a glass Multi-Touch trackpad, the same type found on the MacBook Pro. The trackpad does not have a separate mouse button, as its entire surface acts as a button. This increases the active surface area, and allows you to quickly click, even if your finger is near the top of the trackpad. Condition: Refurbished

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