MopAway Dry/Wet Microfiber Floor Mop w/Bucket


Mop Away Dry/Wet Microfiber Super Absorbent Floor Mop rotates 360 degrees and locks in moisture. The ultimate in hard-floor clean-up has arrived with a simple two-part unit: a rotating mop featuring an absorbing power with it’s microfiber strands, and a spin-dry bucket that does the work for you, spinning to extract the mop’s liquid. No disposable pads and no hand wringing required! This awesome mop reaches all corners of your room and pivots under furniture so you don’t even have to bend. It will get hair, dirt, dust, and grime off the floor so you don’t have to sweep, bend over, or touch a dirty mop again! The mess never drips or leaks, while the bucket spinner operates with a foot pedal – just pour out the dirty water. Machine washable, so mop stays fresh and clean.

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