Wilker Survival Emergency Tool Pack Kit


Pocket folding knife with LED flashlight, including six daily home furnishing repair tools, various functions foldable, open. Multifunctional tool card: side of knife, slotted screw pliers, straightedge, opener, outer hexagonal wrench, wrench, double staggered sawtooth, direction recognizer, positioning wrenches, circular hole, it’s really multifunctional. Emergency whistle: loud, sealing position, good seal. Wire saws: with super sharp blades and smooth features do not hurt the hand, is the fastest existing pocket wire saw. Flint, Rare earth alloy Ignition rods: Can not be directly ignited, need to dip some water, then wipe and dry immediately ignition. . It can also be make fire under wet, cold, rain, snow weather and low pressure.
Compass: compact and flexible high sensitivity.

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