Sylvania TORK SA105 15 Amp Table Top Lamp Timer

lamp timer

The Sylvania SA 105 is a mechanical plug-in timer which features the ability to have 48 On/Off settings functioning daily within 15-minute intervals. This amount of possible settings daily provides a security feature for homeowners by allowing a lived-in look while you are away. Automatically switching a lamp several times a day can confuse burglars, making them think someone is home. Attached is an easy-to-reach 6-foot power cord which has an untimed outlet on it. This untimed outlet allows the use of other appliances through the same receptacle powering the timer. Set-up is very easy, you will select the On/Off times by adjusting the position of the pegs permanently housed in the timer. Green pegs are used for the “On” times, and the red pegs are used for the “Off” times. Because they are permanently housed in the timer they will not be lost over the life of the product. An indicator light also housed on the timer is used to show the status of the device plugged into the timer. Once you have all of your settings in place you can attach the protective cover to allow this timer to disappear into the existing home decor. This timer is intended for 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz electrical layouts and is capable of handling 15-Amps.

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